Rich Bitch Enchanted Perfume *PREORDER*

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Rich Bitch Perfume has reached its final form! 

This elegant fragrance is for the person ready to level up their lifestyle, dream bigger, and achieve it. The person ready to indulge in the luxurious abundance the universe has to offer. Notes of jasmine (wealth and goddess vibes) and bergamot and orange (success and positivity) and tuberose (sensuality and seduction. Attracts love.)

Includes pyrite, REAL shredded money, and herbs in the bottle.

Infuse with your intention by meditating with it or charging it with a Glamour Magick candle before use.

To use, spray on your pulse points (the neck, inner elbows, wrists, behind the knees, ankles) while affirming your intention.

Useful affirmations: 

I am a rich bitch.

I am a wealthy bitch.

I attract luxury because I am luxury. 

Luxury is my birthright. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Luz Molero
Wonderful smell

Smell so good I definitely will buy more in the future

Love it and wear it everyday!

I love this perfume! I was looking for a new fragrance to reflect the woman I am becoming; so when I saw the Rich Bitch Enchanted Perfume, I didn't even think twice. It didn't take long for me to receive my package. I had a minor issue with the pump of my spray nozzle getting clogged but that definitely doesn't affect the magick. I just untwist the cap and put the Enchanted fragrance on my pulse points or wherever I desire while saying my affirmations. Im excited to get more and also try the other enchanted perfumes!

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

smells amazing, sweet , elegant and expensive smell. It doesn't bother my sinus like most perfumes

Audrey Joyner
Smells like Luxury

This perfume smells so good and last on my skin you will definitely not regret your purchase. I will definitely be buying more just so I won't run out.

Laura Walters
Feeling like a rich bitch

Adorable packaging. Rapid delivery. Don’t hesitate to purchase the Rich Bitch scent. It comes in a cute gold bag. Mine included goodies. Amazing customer service & will be buying more.