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Master Manifestor Luxe Candle


I am a Master Manifestor. Everything I desire comes to me easily. Everything I touch turns to gold. This candle is like a genie in a bottle. Also known as a...

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I am a Master Manifestor. Everything I desire comes to me easily. Everything I touch turns to gold.

This candle is like a genie in a bottle. Also known as a “wishing candle.” The unique design allows this candle to also be a great altar piece, or what I like to call a wishing jar. Once burned down, you can continue to add your “wishes” into the jar and watch them manifest.


The Luxe version features a cloche. 


This candle is spiritually infused with herbs, crystals, and a charm to help your intentions manifest with ease flow and fun.


Each candle comes with a tarot card message on top. Research the meaning and extract the messages that resonate with you.

Metaphysical Properties

Herb Magick: Catnip for attracting your desires with ease flow and fun

Clear Quartz: For manifestation. 

Color Magick: Rainbow includes all the colors for general manifestation

Candle Care

Get the best out of your candles by following these tips.


1. Pre-burn

-Trim the wick: "trimming a candle wick to ¼” before each burn, you will get the optimal burn time over the life of your candle. The trimming of the wick not only helps with burn time, but it also ensures you don't get any residue or soot from your wick.


-Create a firesafe space: due to the oils and herbs in the candle, Lunar Libra candles are extremely flammable. Keep in a firesafe space, such a shallow bowl of water, away from curtains, and be sure to remove the paper tarot card before burning. Also, have it set up so you won't have to move it too much.


-Set intentions: don't light the wick until you've set a clear, specific, positive intention! Your candle comes with a card just for this.


2. During Burn

-Minimal movement: try to not move your candle too much while burning. Sloshing hot wax, and a flame swishing all over the place is not good.


-Allow the entire surface of the wax to liquify before you even consider putting the candle out. This creates the optimal condition for relighting without problems. You may need to remove the crystal as soon as you can for this.

3. Post Burn

-Snuff don't blow! This not only keeps the magick in your candle, but prevents wax splatter. If you can extinguish your wooden wicks by pouring wax over it. This stops the billow of smoke that comes after snuffing a candle, and makes for easier relighting. 

Customer Reviews

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Best Candles Ever!!!!

First off I would like to start by saying that I’ve noticed a lot of people complain about the length of delivery for these candles; 1. They don’t take that long 2. this isn’t Amazon. She uses her innner magik and intuition and energy to make these candles specifically for their purpose. They work because she’s taker her time with each one and I can tell by the detail ! I bought the master manifestor and the fuck off candle and they were absolutely beautiful and ornate and she makes it easy for people who don’t usually work with manifesting. It’s hard to explain but I know you doing the thing when The tarot cards in each of my candles were exactly related to my situation and I feel like it made my intentions that much stronger.
Lastly, I am absolutely impressed with these products and extremely happy; the detail, the beautiful products, and the customer experience. Girl I see you and keep doing what you doing, your products are bomb🙌🏽


I am so in love with this candle. This is my second one! Thank you.

It was the customer experience for me

Im an aspiring e-commerce store owner in progress só my eye has become really keen for quality/integrity.

From start to finish the way this sister has organized herself, I can see why she’s the money magnet that she is.

The ad spoke to me directly. Then the IG was concise and cohesive.
Then the email marketing in between tô let me know that there would be a delay until a part of the item was located spoke WONDERS!!

There’s another sister in business (Im not going to say her name) who—just wasn’t as communicative.

Lunar Libra was not only communicative but she maintained my excitement and thirst for the product I bought.

Which btw was the manifestor candle.

I only hope that by the time my shop launches, I run a well oiled machine just like you e-commerce Muva!

Anyway. I’m not even done with my review though!!

So my package arrives and again, packaging on point.
I open the box and the candle’s luscious aroma immediately invades my senses.

It’s so pretty I don’t even want to touch it or burn it.


Well done!!

Tô the woman who left you 1 star. I hope she reconsiders her approach in how she reacts when she’s not getting her way because even here in the comments, again, you show up!

You’re def a business to be trusted.

Thanking your candle making skills in advance for helping bring @momskitchensupplies to life.

Tabia the shop’s den Mama

Best candles ever

This is my 3rd time purchasing this month ! I love it ! Great quality, great smell, great energy


This candle is beautiful... I was so surprised by how study the candle holder and glass covering was. I loved the tarot card touch. When I got it, I regretted not ordering more for Christmas gifts. It came really well packaged.

★ Customer Reviews

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Love it!

This was my first candle and I love it! It smells amazing too!


Smells very and good and very high energy.

shmoney candle

I just got this candle with other 5 I bought. It is so cute! I like the crystals that are in it. I feel confident that it will help me with my manifesting. ❤❤

Boss Bitch Candle

I love my Boss Bitch Candle! It smells great, and I love the positive vibes from it. I sure hope it will bring me the success and business venture that I've been dreaming of. Thanks, so much Liz, for this creation!

Loves the smell of the candles!