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Boss Bitch Success Candle


I am successful. My business is a success. All my endeavors are a success. Everything I touch turns to gold. Spiritually infused with herbs, tiger's eye, and charms for career...


I am successful. My business is a success. All my endeavors are a success. Everything I touch turns to gold.

Spiritually infused with herbs, crystals, color magick and charms for career and business success, calling clients, and gaining customers. 


Comes with a tarot card message on top. Research the meaning and extract the messages that resonate with you.

Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Magick: Tigers Eye aids in worldly pursuits of money, wealth, business, and success. 

Notable Herb: Cinnamon for business success and money. 

Color Magick: Green and Orange for success, money, creativity, and road opening.

Candle Care

Get the best out of your candles by following these tips.


1. Pre-burn

-Trim the wick: "trimming a candle wick to ¼” before each burn, you will get the optimal burn time over the life of your candle. The trimming of the wick not only helps with burn time, but it also ensures you don't get any residue or soot from your wick.


-Create a firesafe space: due to the oils and herbs in the candle, Lunar Libra candles are extremely flammable. Keep in a firesafe space, such a shallow bowl of water, away from curtains, and be sure to remove the paper tarot card before burning. Also, have it set up so you won't have to move it too much.


-Set intentions: don't light the wick until you've set a clear, specific, positive intention! Your candle comes with a card just for this.


2. During Burn

-Minimal movement: try to not move your candle too much while burning. Sloshing hot wax, and a flame swishing all over the place is not good.


-Allow the entire surface of the wax to liquify before you even consider putting the candle out. This creates the optimal condition for relighting without problems. You may need to remove the crystal as soon as you can for this.

3. Post Burn

-Snuff don't blow! This not only keeps the magick in your candle, but prevents wax splatter. If you can extinguish your wooden wicks by pouring wax over it. This stops the billow of smoke that comes after snuffing a candle, and makes for easier relighting. 

Suggested Ritual

Business Manifesting List by Satin Crystals:

"Do you have a knack for writing? Some of us operate very well with lists and methodical structure. If you can relate, the manifestation list is right for you.


Begin by finding a calm spot. Bring with you a pen and paper, or set up on your laptop/work desk. Let your Tigers Eye stone be your mentor, mounted next to your materials as you begin to write. 


Label the top of the page as "Manifestation list for success in my career". You can even be more specific or creative, like "What I manifest for my career as an online marketer."


Start listing all your goals, including specific details. Where do you want to be located? How much do you want to make? What is your job title?


Here is an example of how your list might start out:

"Manifestation list on how to grow Satin Crystals in 2020"


I focus on my most enjoyable work activity- writing blogs to connect with my readers and community.

I improve my photo taking skills and make colorful, attractive visuals that truly embody the beauty of my products.

I read 3 new books related to crystal healing to keep updated on modern-day methods.

I allow my efforts to manifest by seeing a 30% increase in website visitors over the next 12 months, as well as a 30% increase in orders.

I hire a domestic helper so I can spend more time devoted to my business and less time doing the dishes.


.... and it can go on and on. Note how specifics were used in the goal, and present tense language. Go ahead, give it a try. If at any time you feel stuck, grab hold of your Tigers Eye stones and let it flow."

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What GREAT service!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You candles are beautiful. So detailed from the candle, to the pamphlets, to the packaging!

Thank you so much!

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Love it!

This was my first candle and I love it! It smells amazing too!


Smells very and good and very high energy.

shmoney candle

I just got this candle with other 5 I bought. It is so cute! I like the crystals that are in it. I feel confident that it will help me with my manifesting. ❤❤

Boss Bitch Candle

I love my Boss Bitch Candle! It smells great, and I love the positive vibes from it. I sure hope it will bring me the success and business venture that I've been dreaming of. Thanks, so much Liz, for this creation!

Loves the smell of the candles!