Big Goddess Energy Candle

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I am a goddess. I am in tune with my divine feminine energy. I am ready to step into my power.


Big Goddess Energy is a candle topped with herbs, crystals, and color magick elements to help you connect with your divine feminine energy. This means deepening your intuition, flowing instead of forcing, embodying your diving feminine energy, and bringing forth the inner goddess that resides within us all.

Metaphysical Properties

Color magick: silver for divine feminine energy, moon goddess, lunar magick. Purple for divinity, royalty, higher knowledge. 

Crystal magick: Note - crystals are intuitively chosen and may change if intuition hits. Unakite: the stone of visioning and spirituality.

Notable Herbs: Lady's Mantle for feminine power and boost.

Candle Care

Get the best out of your candles by following these tips.


1. Pre-burn

-Trim the wick: "trimming a candle wick to ¼” before each burn, you will get the optimal burn time over the life of your candle. The trimming of the wick not only helps with burn time, but it also ensures you don't get any residue or soot from your wick.


-Create a firesafe space: due to the oils and herbs in the candle, Lunar Libra candles are extremely flammable. Keep in a firesafe space, such a shallow bowl of water, away from curtains, and be sure to remove the paper tarot card before burning. Also, have it set up so you won't have to move it too much.


-Set intentions: don't light the wick until you've set a clear, specific, positive intention! Your candle comes with a card just for this.


2. During Burn

-Minimal movement: try to not move your candle too much while burning. Sloshing hot wax, and a flame swishing all over the place is not good.


-Allow the entire surface of the wax to liquify before you even consider putting the candle out. This creates the optimal condition for relighting without problems. You may need to remove the crystal as soon as you can for this.

3. Post Burn

-Snuff don't blow! This not only keeps the magick in your candle, but prevents wax splatter. If you can extinguish your wooden wicks by pouring wax over it. This stops the billow of smoke that comes after snuffing a candle, and makes for easier relighting. 

Suggested Ritual

A Ritual to connect with Your Big Goddess Energy


Tools: BGE candle, fresh flowers of your choice, milk, pink Himalayan salt, essential oils such as lavender, magick oils if you have any


  1. Take a quick cleansing shower.
  2. Draw a bath. Add flowers (in a tea bag=less cleanup), milk, pink Himalayan salt, and whatever oils you’d like to use.
  3. Set the intention of your bath by speaking affirmations over your water or simply visualizing the intent to connect with the goddess within you all while stirring counterclockwise with your hand. Water is so powerful vibrationally. Check out the studies by emoto!
  4. With your BGE candle nearby, step into the bath. Relish in the warmth, give gratitude for the opportunity to step into fresh clean warm water. It’s a privilege many do not have.
  5. Light the candle. Now, envision your higher self. Your GODDESS self. How do you look? Walk? Talk? Is your face beat? Natural? Do you wear heels? Flats? What kind of outfit do you have on? What do you talk about? What are your hobbies? How do you speak? Walk?
  6. Now envision yourself as you are now, literally stepping into that version of you. You could hug your goddess self until you become one.
  7. Enjoy your bath! Every day commit to doing something that embodies your goddess self. It could be speaking with less fillers, doing your makeup more often or not at all, going to yoga classes, upgrading your wardrobe etc. Don’t feel pressured to do it all at once. Embodying your inner goddess is a journey, one that should be fun 🥰.
  8. Repeat this ritual bath once a week until the candle is burned down.

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I am so pleased with all of my candles I have ever purchased from Lunar Libra! This candle has brought so much divine feminine goddess energy, it is so beautifully made, and smells amazing!

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Beautifully Crafted Candles

My candle arrived safely and well packaged. This candle is beautiful and smells wonderful. Everything is high quality including the crystals, herbs, charms, fragrance, candle jar and mini tarot cards. I am very excited to use and very pleased with my order. Thank you Liz. I will post again once I complete burning the candle.

Beautiful and Meaningful

My Evil Eye candle is so fun and pretty to look at! I actually haven't even lit it yet, but it's a beautiful decor item and I can already feel how it's changing the energy in my home. I also love the included tarot message and guidance for how to use the candle. This is a really special object and I'm glad I bought it.

Fuck Off Candle

Smells amazing! Love!!!

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I love it. Very high vibrational.