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Boss Bitch Candle

I love my Boss Bitch Candle! It smells great, and I love the positive vibes from it. I sure hope it will bring me the success and business venture that I've been dreaming of. Thanks, so much Liz, for this creation!

Loves the smell of the candles!

Money candle

I love the smell but most of it I love it that I light candle and stay on into it was done keeping positive thoughts ❣️

Candle works WONDERS!

So i bought the shmoney candle during hard times and hoped for the best, a week or so and my package arrives and it looks and smells great off the get go, then days into having it i feel more financially abundant and like i feel not worried about money even though i didnt have much i felt as if itd come to me. I lit the candle
One day and feeling lucky i go to the casino and end up hitting a $500 jackpot ! Note: whenever i go to the casino i NEVER hit jackpot but i also hit on multiple machines! I love the candle and rate it 10/10.


This candle is high vibrational and my manifestations came instantly.