The Magick Check Ritual

The Magick Check Ritual:

In 1985, Jim Carrey struggled to get work, but he never let his mindset falter. Instead, he wrote himself a ten million dollar check with the memo: "for acting services rendered,” dated it 10 years in the future, and kept it in his wallet. Fast forward...In November 1995, Carrey found out he was cast in the movie “Dumb and Dumber” for...10 million dollars.

You may dream of making a lot of money, but until it's written down it's just that...a dream. Writing things down is a powerful form of alchemy.

Grab your Shmoney candle, print out the check here, write your desired amount of money. Go big, and don't worry about the how or the when. You may fill out a "for" line whether you get it for your acting, business, or side hustle. One youtuber wrote "for being myself" and became a famous LOA youtuber.

Really feel the feelings of gratitude of actually receiving this check. Place beneath your lit Shmoney candle during your candle magick routine to charge for an hour or so, then place it somewhere you'll see it often. Every time you see the check visualize and feel the feelings of receiving this money.

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