Self Love is the Key to Unlock Your Best Life + a Ritual

When you have a strong foundation of self love, you know your worth, you shoot for higher goals, and you accept nothing less. This is important when working with the law of attraction because the vibration you emit is the vibration you receive, the goals you set are the goals you meet. As above, so below.

So, say you're manifesting a job. When you sit down to write your list, you're going to write down the things you think you deserve and can achieve. So, you say you want to make 12 dollars an hour - you don't specify any of the luxuries you want in this job because you don't feel you deserve or can even achieve them. And that's what you receive!

I use this example because this was once me! I only have an associates degree - I didn't think there was any way I could achieve a nice cushy corporate job because I didn't have a BA. So, when manifesting jobs, I always ended up working retail, or food service, or crappy Craigslist jobs until I finally said ENOUGH. I deserve a nice job. I am smart, self educated, a fast learner, driven...

So the next time I sat down and wrote what I wanted in a job I put a higher salary, I put more benefits, I put something respectable, then I believed I deserved it. Then I put it into action - submitted resumes, looked into job fairs, asked friends for recommendations. I didn't accept anything less than what I wanted. Yes, I got call backs - one was for a collections job - but didn't accept them despite money dwindling because I knew what I wanted and deserved was on it's way. A month later I had my dream job! Because my self love and resolve was so strong I had the power to ask for what I want and receive it.

This is the power of self love.

A Self Love Ritual

Always start with a spiritual bath before any in depth ritual! You can create a beautiful loving bath with rose quartz, pink candles, romantic music, a Lunar Libra Self Love Bath, and a few drops of Liz' Love Spell. Speak loving affirmations as your stir the water with your hand. Then, indulge.

Once done, you're ready to go! You should feel amazing and clean and vivacious.

Create a loving atmosphere with candles, soft music, incense, etc and grab a piece of paper. Write down the things you struggle with, with a positive twist. If you don't think you're lovable write "I am lovable" You're basically rewiring limiting beliefs into positive affirmations. Write as much as you can possibly think of!

Dot this paper with Love oil. You can put it (safely) beneath a dressed pink candle and let it burn down. Hell you can even burn it, or put it under your pillow, or tuck it away with a rose quartz crystal inside. Whatever works for you!

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