Scent and Glamour Magick

Glamour magick helps to enhance the traits you wish others to see, like confidence, beauty and success. Scent is extremely powerful and fast acting. Scent emotion and memory are intertwined, meaning you can completely affect someone's perception and memory of you just by smell. Add a dash of magick and you're absolutely spellbinding. Enchant your perfumes with your desired intentions for maximum effect. Here are some ideas!

  • Add perfume to your bath like Marilyn Monroe - she bathed in Chanel no 5
  • Layer + mix your scents
  • Experiment with pheromones
  • Find your signature scent (I love anything kinda fruity, vanilla, and coconut)
  • Enchant your perfumes with a Glamour Magick candle
  • Perfume your laundry
  • Use a bomb ass laundry conditioner
  • Wear perfume everywhere you go, even just to lie around the house.
  • Indulge. Play. Have fun.

I like to use Alt Fragrances for affordable perfumes. Pheromonexs for pheromones to mix with them, and Downy Infusions for my laundry. It smells AMAZING.

Smelling good makes you feel good which makes you move different!

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