Ritual Candles : Using Candles to Manifest Your Intentions

I visualize my desires as curious little months being pulled into my life by the glow of the candles flame. Pour your gratitude, your desire and your intention into the flame…. Feeding and fueling it - Shauheen Miro

I truly believe - because I’ve done it - that you can create massive change in your life simply through visualizing, or with pen and paper alone.

However, I noticed a massive shift in my life, when I began to incorporate candles into my manifestation routine. 

Candles help to: 

  1. Create a ritual - and consistent rituals are key to success.
  2. Focus attention and intention.
  3. Transmute your prayers, intentions, and thoughts into powerful fire energy.
  4. Serve as a beacon for your desires (like the quote above).

Cultures have been using candles in spirituality and religious practices for ages and ages. I always think, there’s a reason certain practices are so widespread - they work!

Adding candles into your routine adds an element of fun and wonder to your practice, too. There is something so endearing about setting aside time to write a petition, place it beneath your candle, and pray into the flame, even for a few minutes of your day. However, I typically end up spending longer with candles because the sacred time and space is so comforting.

Using candles also adds an element of action that really solidifies your intention. For me, when I light a candle for an intention it’s like “This is what I want...Periodt.” Things feel like they’re immediately in motion.

How to Use Candles to Manifest: 

  1. Create a clean, quiet, secluded space where you can sit and work for an extended period of time. For me, this tends to be my kitchen counter. I clear everything from it, wipe it down, gather crystals (my favorites are citrine, rose quartz, and amethyst), my all-natural Florida Water Spray from Charmed Glamcessories, notebook, and Ritual Candles - Cleanse, and whichever intention I’m seeking to set. I even enjoy putting on sound healing music or even The Secret to get me in a manifesting mood. This can be found on Youtube and Netflix.
  2. Cleanse your aura and energy. I do this by first lighting Cleanse, closing my eyes, and repeating cleansing affirmations. For ideas you can download the Affirmation Master List. This helps to open up your connection to the universe, clear your mind, and allow the flow of creativity and clarity that is so important in manifesting!
  3. Gain clarity on your desire. When writing petitions to manifest, it’s important to be clear and specific. If you don’t have a target, where the hell are you going to aim your arrow? You can do this by visualizing, or even just freewriting, making a list, making an outline. You can even get ideas from Pinterest! As a writer, sometimes it helps me to have a photo to get the inspiration flowing. (I suggest you do this first and print the picture so you don't interrupt your ritual with electronics) Do whatever gets the flow going for you! So if you want to manifest a home, you may daydream about the type of home you want that makes you feel good, see it, and write down all the details you see. 
  4. Write your petition.
  5. Read your petition or pray freely to the candle. 
  6. Light your candle.
  7. As you watch the flame, visualize your desire coming into fruition. Visualize until you feel it. The vision should turn you on! You should feel chills in your body, or butterflies in your stomach. Visualize the end result. Not the how or the steps between. Visualize yourself sitting on your sofa in your new apartment petting your dog, and watching tv if that’s what gives you chills. Hold this as long as you can without feeling as if you’re forcing it.
  8. Let the candle burn. You can let it burn for an hour then snuff it with gratitude to use the next day (recommended because consistency is key) or you can let it burn all the way down serving as a beacon for your desires.

The final step with any manifestation is to let it go. Follow inspired action, follow what attracts you, be open to receiving and opportunities. Believe your desire is already yours. Receive! 

Happy Manifesting!


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