Releasing Ritual to Get Rid of Negative Beliefs

Do you have negative beliefs that you know are holding you back from the love, money, and manifestations you wish to receive? Do you have insecurities you’re sick of battling?

This is my favorite ritual to release negative beliefs and feelings. All you need is pen, paper, and a white candle:⠀ ⠀

  1. On one sheet, write out the negative things you’re feeling and/or the negative beliefs plaguing you. For example: “I’m too fat for a relationship.”⠀ 
  1. On another sheet write the opposite of this statement: this is utilizing the Law of Polarity. For example: “My body is beautiful and attractive just as it is right now. My weight does not define my value.”⠀ 
  1. Read your old statement and tell it to go away and never come back. Read your new statement and set the intention to accept that instead. ⠀ 
  1. Repeat for all statements. ⠀ 
  1. Burn the old statements once again with the intention that they can never come back. 
  1. Read your new statements every day and accept them as facts.

This may take a few weeks, or a months to accept these new statements as truth. Which is why consistency is so important. Consistently show up for yourself be reaffirming your truths every day.

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