On Letting Go

Life is a continuous process of letting go. 

You are constantly growing and therefore outgrowing

Outgrowing jobs, friends, lovers, even family members.

It’s so important to recognize when something is no longer serving you and have the courage to let it go (Completely. Which means no "I miss you texts" to your ex!). 

My dad once told me, “when you lose one friend, 5 more people fill their spot.” Don’t hold on too tightly. 

The Universe abhors a vacuum. Let go so you have space for better things!

Letting go can be peaceful and loving. It doesn’t always have to be a huge breakdown, a dramatic fight, or a show. It’s as simple as releasing it with love and moving on. Don’t feel bad. It’s okay to grow, it’s over to take steps forward. It’s okay to let go of things that no longer serve you, better yet? Let go of things that are actively dragging you down. 

How do you know if something no longer serves you? 

What or who do you complain about the most? It may be time to cut it off. Do you have a “friend” you’re always bitching about? A job that makes you miserable? A business that’s dragging you through the mud? Take a second look and consider options to move on from things that are toxic to you.

Our suffering comes from hanging on to shit that should’ve been long gone from our lives. Loosen the grip.


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