Oils - Aromatherapy, Color Therapy+Magick, and Herb Magick in a Bottle

Oils are a staple for rituals. Not only that but they are good for your skin, hair, nails, everything! Just don't eat them! All Lunar Libra oils are made with an almond oil base which keeps skin and hair moisturized and absorbs quickly.

However, it is heavy enough for candles and helps the herbs stick very well. Oils incorporate herbs based on their vibration and magickal correspondance. Plants are powerful making your intentions stronger and also increasing your vibration to match them as everything is about vibrations!

Lunar Libra oils incorporate aromatherapy, color therapy, intention, and herbs as I enjoy both the spiritual and scientific sides of life - think Joe Dispenza. Combined you can make big things happen!

When you first receive your oil spend some time clarifying what you want from it! Write down your desires and put them directly in the bottle, or consecrate it by burning a candle over your petition with the oil next to it. It all depends on what you prefer.

To use, get creative! Oils can be used to anoint your body, as a body oil, in hair, in laundry, on candles, crystals, ritual tools, etc.


Give bae a massage using Sex oil.

Dress a pink candle with Love Spell to draw more romance.

Put Shmoney on your hands before going to work. Or on your feet to walk in prosperity.

Wear Sugar Baby  before going Freestyling at an upscale bar.

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