My Fail Proof Petition Writing Method

Recently, I was doing some retrospection, and looking back at all my previous manifestations. Last year, I manifested a corporate job with no degree, a car, a new apartment, and my business taking off.

I began to notice a trend in the way that I scripted, petitioned, and wrote these manifestations into existence. So, I’m sharing this method with you now!

There are some important ingredients when it comes to manifesting. 

  1. Clarity - you have to know exactly what you want. There has to be a sure burning desire for it to manifest. Remember, if you were allowed to see it - to want it - it is for you!
  2. Gratitude - you must be grateful not only for what you have now, but what you know will be coming to you.
  3. Feeling - feeling is a powerful motivator to bring manifestations to life. I’ve had manifestations come to life within hours when I can really conjure some feelings. Listen to, and read “Feeling is the Secret” by Neville Goddard.
  4. Transmutation - converting your desires and feelings and gratitude into something physical by writing it down. Also known as magick.

So now that we’ve covered this, we can get into the process.

First, I start by gathering my materials. This includes:

  1. A spiral notebook so I can flip the pages with ease and keep writing continuously.
  2. A sharpie-like pen. Because they are comfortable for me to write with and feel very permanent. Also my writing comes out pretty!
  3. A corresponding Lunar Libra Ritual Candle.

Next, I go about gaining clarity. Usually, I know the specific thing I want. Other times I have a general idea (such as making a lot of money for the month), and have to go within to flesh it out. Or I’ll grab my tarot deck and oracle cards to “calibrate” my goals and wishes. Basically, writing down a few different outcomes and pulling cards to see which has the strongest outcome. You can learn more of this in Biddy Tarot’s Every Day Tarot book. Another way is gaining inspiration on Pinterest. So, if you want a new house, you can look at pins of houses to see more of what you desire.

At this point, I light my corresponding ritual candle, say an affirmation, then begin writing. I address it to the Universe. So, it starts as, “Dear Universe.” Then, I begin with gratitude of the things I have now. Generally they start out as, “I am so happy and grateful for/that.” I begin to thank the universe for all the things I currently have. I continue this until I am truly in a state of feeling grateful - like my life is the bomb. Then, I move into being grateful for what I want. This is when it gets into scripting. Which is writing your life into existence. 

“Pretend that you are a writer and whatever you write will be performed as you write it. Your only job is to describe, in detail, everything exactly as you want it to be.” 
-Abraham Hicks

I begin to write in the positive and present tense as if I already have what I desire. So, if I want to manifest a house, I’d say “I’m so happy and grateful for my four bedroom home.”

Make sure to add in feelings. This petition needs to give you chills, turn you on. There are no limitations, fuck credit, fuck your current bank account, fuck the current housing market, fuck everything in your current situation. We’re only focusing on what we desire. We're going into big to detail. How the granite countertops feel beneath my fingers. How the coffee smells as I brew it in the morning looking at the view into the spacious backyard.

Then, and this is very important, I finish it with "this and much more. It is done. Thank you."

This allows room for the universe to surprise you! For you to get even bigger and better than you asked for. For the universe to fill in the things you may not realize you need!

After, I place it beneath my candle and allow it to keep burning. The way you do it is up to you. If you tuck it between the bottom of the tin and the lid, it may possible burn if the herbs catch on fire. Putting it on the fire safe surface, and beneath the lid will prevent this.

Once the candle is done, I’ll drop it into my manifestation box. This is my box filled with clear quartz, citrine, rose quartz, and past petitions. While I used to burn them, I like to keep them to review them. I often burn a white candle or a Master Manifestor on top of this box as well to serve as a passive beacon for my manifestations.

As you can see, this takes a long time, and my petitions can be pages and pages long. That’s why it’s important you really take aside some time to do this!

The final step is to let it go. Follow your intuition, take inspired action, and enjoy the process!

Happy Manifesting,



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Best Candles Ever!!!!

First off I would like to start by saying that I’ve noticed a lot of people complain about the length of delivery for these candles; 1. They don’t take that long 2. this isn’t Amazon. She uses her innner magik and intuition and energy to make these candles specifically for their purpose. They work because she’s taker her time with each one and I can tell by the detail ! I bought the master manifestor and the fuck off candle and they were absolutely beautiful and ornate and she makes it easy for people who don’t usually work with manifesting. It’s hard to explain but I know you doing the thing when The tarot cards in each of my candles were exactly related to my situation and I feel like it made my intentions that much stronger.
Lastly, I am absolutely impressed with these products and extremely happy; the detail, the beautiful products, and the customer experience. Girl I see you and keep doing what you doing, your products are bomb🙌🏽