How I Manifested an Out of State Move + My Foolproof Manifesting Ritual

Moving to a new state can be daunting, to say the least. I’ve manifested my move from one city to another. I’ve moved to different states with the aid of the Air Force. But I’ve never moved on my own, as a civilian, on my own dime! 

I’m a huge proponent of this philosophy: if you don’t like something - change it. If there is something that you find yourself complaining about more often than you should - remove or change the situation!

I found myself complaining about my current place of living a lot - saying how much I wanted to move. Which meant it was time to manifest this move! Now, I’m going to tell you how to do it in tangible steps. This method is failproof for me.

  1. Gain Clarity - this is the first and most important step. If you don’t have a target where do you shoot the arrow? This is the stage where you assess your current situation and visualize your ideal situation. It’s important to not be concerned with any of your current limitations or the How. (IE how will I pay for it, how will I get there?) I assure you these things work themselves out on their own as the manifestation materializes. Note:
  • Write it out. This can be as simple as a bullet point list. For instance, if you want a new apartment you could list all the qualities of the apartment. From where it’s located, to the type of appliances, carpet or no carpet, size, etc. This in and of itself is a powerful form of transmuting energy. (The energy of your thoughts is transmuted into a written form.)
  • Be specific! Like the examples above, make sure you are very clear and specific on what you would like. I knew the type of apartment I wanted, and the city. I didn’t know when or where in the city. I decided to leave this up to the Universe.

          1a. Go back to the basics. This is a subset up Gaining Clarity because I do this while working on visualizing and specifying my desired outcome. When the Law of Attraction became a thing tons of “coaches,” “experts,” Youtubers, and "Transformational Life Facilitators" who were afraid of using the title "coach" came about with hundreds of secret techniques, manifestation hacks, etc. These can all bog you down, stress you out, and make you forget that manifesting is actually really fucking simple. So I like to go back to where it all started: The Secret. While gaining clarity I’ll play it in the background to remind myself how easy it all is. It also reminds me how real it is.

2. Ask. The way you ask for your manifestation depends on the method which works for you. It can be through prayer, writing a script, or magick. I chose to use my Master Manifestor candle. It has herbs and oils to draw things to you with ease, flow, and even fun. I wrote my desire in the format “I am so happy and grateful now that…” Placed it beneath the candle, added oils, and lit it. I visualized myself in my new home in my new city as it burned. I scripted in my journal as if it already happened. I repeated this for a few days. Keep in mind, not once did I worry about the HOW or even the WHEN! I had no date in mind and no idea how I would do this. This all came later.

3. Take Action. Typically this step is called “believe.” Well, I believe the best way to show the universe you’re serious is to take tangible steps towards your end result. I began by researching specific areas within the city to figure out the best place to look for apartments. All the while watching The Secret. I allowed it to play in the background as I researched. Once the area was found, I began to look at apartments and homes in these specific areas. This step applies to all manifestations. If you’re looking to manifest a new job, start looking into what sort of job, and then look into companies currently hiring for that job. It’s sort of like a research stage. So, make a list of the things you know you’ll need to do to get to your manifestation and start with the first step. Take some tangible steps to prepare. I bought moving boxes and a dolly.

3. Go with the flow. Most times, I honestly can say I have no idea how my manifestations come into play. Because at this point I let go of control and simply go with the flow. Sure, I stress and get nervous. This is a normal human reaction when one feels out of control. When that happens I’ll script or pray to my angels. I follow the signs and synchronicities almost as if on autopilot. You’ll begin to see repeating numbers, hear or see your manifestations, and even people will come into your life that may help or confirm in some way. Listen to them. Keep your ears open. After searching for apartments, I became drawn to one specifically. It was in a good area, the size I wanted, and they were beautiful. However, it didn’t have all I wanted. Which leads to my next point:

    • Follow the redirections. Don’t get discouraged by what may seem to be an obstacle or rejection. I applied for this home that was almost what I wanted. Suddenly random obstacles began to come up. I navigated the hurdles as best I could, but they became too ridiculous, so I began to look elsewhere. The same day I decided to cancel my application and was annoyed by the prospect of having to pay another application fee...I got an email from a very nice spot that was doing free applications for the week. I mean it’s free, why not? I didn’t even look too much into it. I gave the website a glance and liked what I saw. I called to see their availability and specials which then decided upon my move date (5 months before I expected). I applied and got approved the same day! The lease was signed by the next day. It’s so important to go with the flow because the Universe is working everything out for you! The funny thing is this place ended up having everything I want and need. And I found it’s in a better area, close to necessities for me such as the Veterans hospital and my gym within ten minutes. It has an elevator which means it’ll be easier to move since I don’t know anyone I’ll be moving on my own or with one other person to help. I bet when I get there I’ll find even more reasons it’s so perfect.

    4. Receive. From then on you’ll get more synchronicities, inspired ideas and actions, assistance from others, and everything you’ll need to allow your manifestation to materialize. Accept these blessings! See them as confirmation! Keep the faith and keep taking steps forward. You may get nervous, stressed, or discouraged, but it’s all a part of the process. Simply tell those thoughts to leave and return to your faith. This can be through prayer, scripting, lighting a candle, going into nature. I took many walks at the park while panicking on how I would get an apartment. Everything in the 3D seems to be stacked against me when it comes to getting a home. My credit is still being repaired, I have a lease now which usually discourages complexes from approving, and as a business owner proving income brings its own difficulties.
    But I trusted in the Universe. I told myself every day “Everything works out for me. The odds are always in my favor.”
    Listen, none of this arbitrary earthly shit can ever get in the way of what you desire. What can get in your way is you. So step out of the way! Quit worrying, allow things to work out for you!
    Happy Manifesting!
    -Liz ♡ 

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