Candles - a Powerful Manifestation Tool

Candles use fire and herbs to transmute your intention into the universe. Think of fire as your beacon to focus your intention, and the messenger than drifts your desires into the universe. It's hard to verbalize why fire magick works, but it DOES, and it works FAST. Just think of how fast and powerful fire is.

To use your candle, simple write down your desires clearly and concisely. You can start with "I'm so happy and grateful that," or write a letter to the Universe, your angels, your guides, your ancestors, whoever you believe in. Lunar Libra products are purposefully nondenominational so that anyone of any faith and practice can use them. They are TOOLS for your intention.

After you write your desire speak it into the candle, or if you can't (for instance if you're in the broom closet or have company) hold the candle and read it mentally.

Place this beneath your candle, light it with intention, and visualize for a few moments until you feel satisfied. (Make sure you visualize from the first person point of view).

You may "feed" your candle periodically with corresponding oils always remembering your intention.

To "dispose" of this work depends on what resonates with you. I prefer to reuse my jars. You can use them to plant succulents or other plants and watch your intention grow for instance. Others like to bury them, or throw them in a moving body of water.

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