Being Silent is NOT an Option - Black Lives Matter

Let's have a quick chat, fam.

While I'm more vocal and real on IG, I'll try to keep this email brief, gentle, and professional. There are turbulent times going on right now in the US as black people and their allies protest the unjust public execution of George Floyd and many many too many other black men and women.

Of course, as a black owned business I back this and the black lives matter movement 100%. I've already donated to four different charities focused on equality, justice, and bailing out protesters.

My customer base is diverse, but I am speaking from my perspective. We are tired, we are fed up. We face injustices nearly every day and have been since we were children. The first time I faced racism is when a school put all the black children in one classroom and barely taught us. Then a woman wouldn't sell her a dog I fell in love with because she saw we were black when we pulled up to pick it up. Then in elementary school I was called the n word for the first time. I remember having a friend who would run around screaming "fat black woman" simply because it sounded so fucking offensive.

I remember my mom and me being followed through quite a few stores. To this day, I feel awkward reaching into my purse while shopping lest someone think I'm stealing. I remember my father being arrested because they were looking for a black suspect who ran through his yard and "someone was going to jail no matter what."

I talked briefly on IG about generational trauma which is exactly what we're experiencing bubbling to the surface right now. Remember how children of pregnant women during 9/11 were more likely to develop PTSD? Black people are carrying centuries and centuries of generational trauma. Of lynchings, tar and featherings, bombings, kidnappings, sexual assault, beatings, oppression, abuse. It's exhausting.

We all have a different role in this, but being silent is not the option. Your ancestors are watching you. And someday you'll have to explain to your children and grandchildren where you were and what you were doing at this time. What story do you want to tell them, sis?

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

Here's how you can help in a myriad of ways:

-Donate to relevant charities - even a dollar can help.

-Support black businesses or even businesses that support us.

-Allies, use your voice and speak up, educate your fellow people. They're more likely to listen to you. Your voice is powerful.

-Allies, support the cause but do not bulldoze us. If you're protesting, don't incite violence and vandalism, because black people will get blamed. Screaming All Lives Matters erases our cause. Tone policing how we protest erases the message.

-Participate in social media and economic black outs when they happen. You can support black businesses while also boycotting corporations, especially those who have been silent and insensitive such as Target.

-Repost on social media when not boycotting! Positive images of protests, posts by black people, information...raising awareness is SO POWERFUL and you can do it from the safety of your home within two seconds.

-Support protesters in your area by donating supplies if you can do so safely.

-Check in on your black friends. Ask if they're okay or need anything. I've gotten so many messages like this and it really helps in a time where you can feel like everyone is judging and hating you for simply wanting rights.

-Participate in protests with precautions and safety in mind.

-Light candles or create protective sigils for protesters.

-Send healing energy to POC.

-Hold free or donation based healing and aura cleansing rituals if you're a spellworker.

-Hex oppressive organizations and political leaders by putting their asses in a sour jar.

We all have our lane when it comes to these situations. I love you all, and I hope you're all okay. Stay aware but stay grounded.



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