A Ritual to Draw Love

 A ritual to draw in love using the Divine Love Intention Candle.

  • Cleanse: take a bath or shower and cleanse your energy as well as your body. Holding on to past relationships? Imagine those thoughts washing away down the drain.
  • Self Care: After your bath/shower, take your time getting ready for bed, put on white, pink, or red, spritz yourself with perfume, do your skincare routine, whatever raises your vibrations and makes you feel beautiful.
  • Clarify: This ritual works best when you focus on drawing new love. Take a moment to imagine your ideal partner in vivid detail. Now write these qualities down.
  • Enchant: When finished, read over it, communicating your desires to the candle whether mentally or by speaking allowed. Optional: anoint the candle and self with oils.
  • Intention Setting: Use the other side of this card to set your intention to magnetize this love. It can start with “I am so happy and grateful now that…” and end with “This or something better. It is done/amen/ashe” (whatever works for you)
  • Get Lit: Place with your list beneath the candle and light the wick. Spend about ten minutes visualizing being with this person. Or you can script an ideal day with this person. As long as you FEEL the feelings.
  • Visualize: As you fall asleep, imagine falling asleep next to your partner.
  • Release: Allow the candle to burn down. Or, if you’d like you can snuff. But when you relight it be sure to visualize/script again. Once it burns down, keep the list beneath your bed, on your love altar, or in the relationship corner of your room. You may burn this petition paper to release it. Carry the crystal and charm with you.

Reuse the candle jar anyway you see fit.

Pro Tip: Make space for this person in your life. IE, clean out half your closet, keep the other side of your bed clear of debris, keep your passenger seat empty.

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I love it. Very high vibrational.

Moneyyyy 🤑🤑🤑💰💰💳💳💳

This candle is everything. From the time I opened the packaged I immediately felt the rich high vibrations. This is a great candle for manifesting/meditating and I will be adding this to my practice. Thank you so much 😍


Absolutely beautiful, an entire inspiring experience in candle form. I received my candle yesterday and when I first lit it up, I just sat for a few minutes and stared at it, it's so pretty. And the scent- incredible! The tarot card included was the exact message I needed to receive, and my intentions and visions came so easily as I meditated on it. I will keep you posted on the amazingness I manifest with the help of this candle <3 Would give 10 stars if I could


More than what I expected! Loved it!!!!!

Best Candles Ever!!!!

First off I would like to start by saying that I’ve noticed a lot of people complain about the length of delivery for these candles; 1. They don’t take that long 2. this isn’t Amazon. She uses her innner magik and intuition and energy to make these candles specifically for their purpose. They work because she’s taker her time with each one and I can tell by the detail ! I bought the master manifestor and the fuck off candle and they were absolutely beautiful and ornate and she makes it easy for people who don’t usually work with manifesting. It’s hard to explain but I know you doing the thing when The tarot cards in each of my candles were exactly related to my situation and I feel like it made my intentions that much stronger.
Lastly, I am absolutely impressed with these products and extremely happy; the detail, the beautiful products, and the customer experience. Girl I see you and keep doing what you doing, your products are bomb🙌🏽