A Glamour Magick Ritual

Tools: Glamour Magick candle, pen, paper, sexy outfit.

Day: Best performed on a Friday

  1. After a goddess bath or shower, put on your cutest PJ’s, lingerie, whatever feels sexy and comfy. Set the vibe (you can scan the QR code to link to my Spotify playlists)

  2. If you haven’t already and are using the Lunar Libra Glamour Magick Candle, check your tarot card message and extract what applies to you.

  3. Vibe out using this playlist as you sit for a moment and think of all your best qualities, think of how you want to affect people, what you want people to love.

    Maybe you want your eyes to captivate any person you’re attracted to, or your curves to hypnotize everyone who lays eyes upon them, maybe you want your words to enchant all who hear— meditate and visualize you having your desired effect, glowing, magnetizing, attracting attention, turning heads.

  4. Think of someone who has the allure you desire (pro-tip, real recognizes real, so if you like something about someone, that trait is within you!) imagine those traits manifesting within you. If you’ve ever read The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene, there are many different seductive archetypes—choose the traits you desire and mediate upon them. For me it’s The Siren—IE Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, sexy with a touch of madness ;). Or maybe there’s a goddess whose energy pulls you, or even a celebrity or multiples who have an allure you like.

  5. Write it all down in the present tense, visualizing yourself being the sex sultry seductive GAWDESS you are. Feeling the feelings of stepping into this (is it powerful? Sexy?)

  6. Create an affirmation that encompasses this desire to say daily.

  7. Place beneath the candle and light. Feel the feelings of turning heads, magnetizing, enchanting with your grace and beauty. Let it burn for at least an hour then snuff when satisfied.

  8. Every day speak your affirmation. I like to burn GM while I’m getting ready for the day and light my candle as I shower, apply my makeup, get dressed, and do my hair (all while meditating on my intent and saying my affirmations) then snuff upon leaving.

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