10 Ways to Enchant and Charge Your Jewelry

Let's keep this brief.

Enchanting jewelry gives it a purpose. An evil eye necklace can ward off jealous gazes, while a ring can draw in love and romance. Enchanting jewelry is one of my favorite forms of Glamour Magick

1. Hold it in your hand and visualize.
2. Anoint with oils or sprays with a corresponding intention.
3. Place beneath your pillow, as you drift off to sleep, visualize your desire while in the alpha state.
4. Write your desires on a piece of paper, place the piece and a Lunar Libra candle with the corresponding intention on the petition. Light the flame and visualize.
5. Place in a jar of corresponding herbs and crystals. 
6. Place in an envelope with a corresponding divination card and written intent.
7. Speak your intention to the item.
8. Pass through incense with the corresponding intention.
9. Surround the item with crystals of corresponding intention.
10. Create a sigil or symbol to charge the piece with intention.

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